Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Full Moon in Udayarkattu, Mullaithivu

Thy glowing eyes - Kannamma
Are they the sun and the moon?
Thy black eyeballs - Kannamma
Is that the dark hue of the sky?
Glittering diamonds-In
thy dark blue silk sari
Are shining stars - seen
in the middle of the night.

Garden flower's brightness - Is that
thy alluring smile?
Waves of the blue ocean - Are
thy bosom's thoughts.
Enchanting melody of the cuckoo- Is
thy sweet voice.
Innocent girl are you - Kannamma
I am in love with thee.

You talk of tradition - Kannamma
Who needs that?
For those in a hurry - Kannamma
Is tradition a hurdle?
If elders accept - our wedding
Shall happen later.
Can I wait till then - here
Let me kiss you on the cheek -

Subramaniya Bharathiyar's - Suttum Vizhi Sudarthan: Audio: Suttum Vizhi Tamil Text in English: [ Lyrics ]

A Spark of Fire, Translated by Chenthil Nathan, Tamil Nadu

Udayarkattu, Mullaithivu

"Though the rice (within the chaff) sprouts at first
It wouldn't grow when the chaff is cast off.
Likewise, even when possessing enormous strength
One cannot complete a task without the help of others "
Sangam era Poetess

Southern Sri Lanka

Peacock in Yala

Yala Elephant